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Travel advisory

Dressed in light

I Try To Say--But Words Get In The Way*

December Discontent

An Other Self (Nothing Further)

Time Is Always For The Wishing

"The Academic Aim Is To See What The Subject Means, Not To Accept Or Reject It" *

Another Anne, another Canadian, not just any other poet

A Lousiness

A Certain Strength, Some Certainty

A Report On Today's Weather

Ghost Hunter, Human Fighter

Oh how we manage

Focus In Digression

Back in those times, it was all about philosophers having coffee at Starbucks discussing how many angels could fit in a needle's eye

If I Were A Planet

Nothing in particular

I Know Now How It Feels When The Dead Lives


Hildegarde Flanner

The Third Who Lay In Our Embrace

A Silence Precise

Accidentals, Essentials

The Fullunabridgedverbatim Transcript Of My Conversation With Neil Gaiman

Tekkie Me

This Is How A Heart Breaks

1 Week Off(line)

The Other Side Of Surrender1

Better Articulation Of Things Learned Earlier

Self-Ward And Other Marginal Notes

Undergraduate, Not Student

Honesty: From Fact To Feeling

Speaking Of Idols, Here's Mine

My treasure, adversely speaking

Magnificent Obsession: Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve



It wasn't the observation of a smart aleck
but that of a truth-lover or a statistics-lover*


I'm Ready, Depression

Still, Spontaneity

For _____

Collage Of The Day

The Act

What Is There, The "For"

Prose's Power

I've Always Believed In This, Horoscope

Forever 21

When Awe Is Overrated

The Burden Of Requirement

Some Words

The Story So Far

This Center
(primarily titled 'Lessons On Life And The Like, After Mr. Delfin Angeles')

Paralyzed By Fact

The Mistake, Or What Is Painful

The Real Wonderland (Or Paradise, If You Want)