Honesty: From Fact To Feeling

"It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have time."

- Tallulah Bankhead
Though my family would write Roman Catholic in our documents, we didn't practice going to church every Sunday. My parents didn't teach us to pray and fear God.

In grade 4, I transferred from a public school to a private Catholic school. My new school held mandatory confession every first Friday of the month (usually after the first Friday mass.) Our teachers instructed us to write down our sins so that we won't forget them and so as to make the process fast.

I was sort of excited with confessing, as it would be my first time. I simply saw it then as another new concept to learn.

But as I got used to doing it, listing sins became just another task. There were times when I could only think of lying and being lazy to do homework as my only wrongdoings for the month. I would then invent sins as I thought it couldn't be possible for a human being to commit only 2 offenses against God in a span of 4 weeks. I was afraid the priest might perceive me lying.


  1. Fact: I've only been to confession ONCE. It was before my First Communion.

    Fact: None of my friends share my passion for tennis... Diwata is to Basketball as I am to Tennis.

  2. That Tallulah Bankhead quote got my attention. We keep blogs. Does that make us good girls? LOL. :P

  3. Cherie, yes, we are. Trust me.

    Anonymous, who are you? I like tennis, but not enough for one to have a satisfactory tennis conversation with me.


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