17 January 2024

Truth or Dare

My seven-year old niece has just learned to play Truth or Dare, which is a cool way of knowing what goes on in her mind.

She's been taught to be honest and not keep secrets, meaning I can ask her anything and she'll tell me the truth, no game nor any other incentive required. But putting such dialogue in the context of a game makes me less guilty of asking rather un-innocent questions.

Like, What do you say to me in your head whenever I don't allow you to touch my stuff (ie the Dalek figure in my book shelf)?

Nothing and everything is innocent when it comes to children.

Way before learning Truth or Dare, my niece and I talked about having babies, and I nonchalantly told her that I didn't want one. Recently, while strolling at the mall, she nonchalantly, randomly — as is her way — asked me, But why don't you want to have a daughter? My answer was a different version of the same thing: I like my 'me time'.

I love my niece, though I get scared when she knocks on my door and I had to turn her away because I would rather be alone.

There are many articles about people in their dying days regretting not spending enough time with their loved ones. I fear having the same regret, and that every No and Not now that I tell my niece will make her feel less loved. I also fear resenting her for taking up much of my time and energy that it becomes too late and I become too tired to do anything for myself.

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