An introduction

Razelibrary is a personal journal, and as one that is public, several facts and information have been distorted to protect or embellish other facts and information. Some entries are outright fiction.

Stories I wrote for various publications, such as Gist, The Philippine Star, and Asian Traveler Magazine are also archived in this space.

I periodically tinker with the blog's design. Due to my lack of expertise, some of the changes I've made may have caused broken links, non-showing or horrendously cropped images, faulty text wraps and other layout mishaps that spoil the reading experience. Apologies.

Speaking of design, the banner art is courtesy of Sean Eidder.

Why do I write? Because words are fun and I enjoy staying in my mind.

For example, aside from the obvious, my name + my collections, people can misread this blog as raze + library. I feel clever having written that.

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of an audience. (25/9/2018)

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