An introduction

Razelibrary is mainly a personal journal, and as one that is public, several facts and information have been distorted to protect or embellish other facts and information. Some entries are outright fiction.

Also archived here are published stories I’m proud of, many of which I wrote for Interlineal, Gist, and The Philippine Star; while a number of photos and travelogues posted earlier are inspired by my works at Asian Traveler Magazine, Rektikano Magazine, and other publications.

I periodically tinker with the blog's design. Am no expert, so some of the changes I've made may have caused broken links, non-showing or horrendously cropped images, faulty text wraps and other layout mishaps that spoil the reading experience. (The latest update — April 2017 — automatically center-aligns block quotes, thus affecting all the poetry I've quoted here.) Apologies.

Speaking of design, the background image is by Sean Eidder.

The joy of writing

Before I thought it was about the power of control. “Order out of chaos.”

You know how fictionists say that their characters are developing a mind of their own? That they can’t make them do certain things anymore? And so the narrative goes in a direction that’s different from what they set out?

I think it’s the same with all forms of writing, whether it’s a blog, a poem, or an essay. You have this concept in your head, a finished product. For some reason it will never be what you pictured it to be.

Sometimes a phrase, a sentence, or a metaphor that you’ve been hanging onto — that which may have inspired the piece, ends up having no place in it. And yet if you follow through, even if it’s not what you've planned, the final draft will always be right.

The joy of writing remains the same for me. It’s about power, that sense of control. But now the practice also serves as a sweet reminder that you can’t have full control, and what you can’t control, you learn to dance with it.

Thank you for reading.

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