An introduction

Razelibrary is a personal journal, and as one that is public, several facts and information have been distorted to protect or embellish other facts and information. Some entries are outright fiction.

Stories I wrote for various publication are also archived in this space.

I periodically tinker with the blog's design. Due to my lack of expertise, some of the changes I've made may have caused broken links, non-showing or horrendously cropped images, faulty text wraps and other layout mishaps that spoil the reading experience. Apologies.

Why do I write? Because words are fun and I enjoy staying in my mind.

For example, aside from the obvious, my name + my collections, people can misread this blog as raze + library. I feel clever having written that.

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of having an audience.

—Razel Estrella 15.12.20

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