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From a phone conversation with my high school friend, Marie:
MARIE: Sa August ako due--second week.
ME: Alam mo na kung girl o boy?
MARIE: Hindi pa. Huli kasing nagfoform ang genitals.
ME: Talaga? Hindi ko alam yun, ah.
MARIE: Miss na kita, sobra. Kita tayo bukas, sa Festival.
ME: Oo naman, malapit lang naman ako dun.
MARIE: Ay, hindi, 'wag na lang. Makikita kita, ang sexy mo,
maiinsecure lang ako.
ME: Haha.
. . . .
MARIE: Buti na lang inisip kong ituloy 'to.
ME IN MY HEAD: I knew it. It's unwanted.
MARIE: Pero sabi nila kapag nakita mo na raw yung anak mo, it's all worth it.
ME IN MY HEAD: Naniwala ka naman.
MARIE: Besides, after college, labas ako nang labas--I've had my fun. Tsaka papalakihin lang naman namin 'to ni M, tapos puwede na kami bumalik sa dati.
ME IN MY HEAD: As if ganun kadali yun.
. . . .
MARIE: Matino na si M ngayon, hindi gaya nung magsyota pa lang kami, laging nangangaliwa. Dalawang beses ko siya nahuli. Buti na lang yung isa inamin niya.
ME: So... paano ka niya napapayag magpakasal?
MARIE: Alam mo, wala ka nang magagawa e...


From Rob Brezsny:
"What I give form to in daylight is only one percent of what I have seen in darkness," wrote the artist M.C. Escher. Though he wasn't a Pisces, he could have been speaking for you and your tribe when he said that....Now here's some really good news: In the coming weeks, you could raise that to a whopping 10 percent.


I like Coelho's "By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept."


  1. i liked it too hehehe that's my favorite so far.

  2. Not true; recognisable external genitalia have finished forming by the end of the third month.

    Hello, Razel.

  3. althea, ang cute, diba?

    Kacy! Hello, hello. Really? Then my friend got a bad doctor. I trust you more than that doctor. =)

  4. Confession: I'm not being as clever as you think, I consulted Langman's Embryology first to be certain. :)

    I've been reading your blog for sometime dear, and scrolling back to earlier entries studiously. This is just the first time I actually felt like I had something to contribute.

  5. Making sure what you have to say is correct before actually saying it is definitely clever.

    If you've been reading through past entries, then you must've come across that one where I briefly talked about you.


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