For _____

by Alice Fulton

Friend--the face I wallow toward
through a scrimmage of shut faces.
Arms like towropes to haul me home, aide-
memoire, my lost childhood docks, a bottled ark
in harbor. Friend--I can't forget
how even the word contains an end.
We circle each other in a scared bolero,
imagining stratagems: postures and imposters.
Cold convictions keep us solo. I ahem
and hedge my affections. Who'll blow the first kiss,
land it like the lifeforces we feel
tickling at each wrist? It should be easy
easy to take your hand, whisper down this distance
labeled hers or his: what I like about you is
I am reminded of this poem after watching "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana," starring Sharon Cuneta and Aga Muhlach.


  1. napanood ko din yan! haha. "enteng!" :) cute sana, kaya lang, over-contrived na yung ending. pero grabe, the union of endorsers. :P

  2. Ang ineexpect ko talaga hindi sila magkakatuluyan.

    Muntik ko na sanang ipost na I can relate to the story, kaya lang bigla akong nahiya. Ay, sinabi ko na rin pala.

    At favorite ko ang "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" the song. Yung original ni Bituin, ha.

  3. sus, naka-relate din ako sa character ni sharon eh--except dun sa facts na magaling sya kumita ng pera at fag hag siya. hehe.


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