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After a year

I will allow this boy to someday break my heart because he is kind.
There are three things that I think of every single day: death, him, and poetry.

The show I wasn't able to watch because

a) I went to the wrong theater.
b) I lost track of time.
c) I bumped into a crush and pretended I was free for dinner.

Hint: It was a stupid stupid reason.

I'm not happy

It's as if I was going out on a first date. I was both excited and anxious to meet my favorite professor, whom I haven't been in touch with for maybe 8 years. I was excited because, well, I love him, but I was also anxious because after such long time, I wasn't sure if I still knew how to talk to him. Because I felt like I have changed.

It's my fear of questions like, 'How are you?' and 'What have you been up to?' at work. For I take it as my duty to report nothing but good news. But then I'm missing the whole point of having a conversation—with someone wise and kind.

So it was a delightful surprise when he nonchalantly shared that he wasn't happy with his life. It may not be fair to indirectly quote him and subject him to misinterpretation, but what I'm trying to say is I have to learn to be honest with my friends like they are with me. Trust them.

Because despite all the adventures in the world, at the end of the day, all I want is …

Filigree and other things pretty

I don't know much about fashion, but I do know a thing or two about beauty. For instance, this collection of statement jewelry and bags by House of Serafina. It resonates with my fondness for what is deceptively simple at first glance. There's nothing like an object that intrigues and draws you in, then blows you away with intricate details as you look closer.

Subtlety is a ruse anyway. It's the best accessory, if not armor, a lady can wear. That is at least how I interpret 'angel with an edge'—what Serafina stands for.

So far I've been obsessing about the filigree window pendant with black onyx necklace. It's captivating in itself but it even becomes meaningful when I think of the adage, 'Beautiful windows are always worth looking into' (see, that's a statement I can confidently wear). Unfortunately I don't have a decent photo of it, so better click the link. And while you're at it, add to cart, proceed to checkout, then deliver …

November so far

What do you call that feeling when you're taking pleasure in the moment, and, aware of your pleasure, you begin to miss the very moment you are in? —The first note I wrote in my new notebook as I end the day at Press Cafe, the coffee shop inside Fully Booked in Alabang.

I received an early Christmas gift. The dedication says, 'Something heavy for Razel'. What's sweet about it is that I later on learned that the gift was meant to lighten up my mood.

Two people I admire and have not been in touch with for a long time sent me a message. One is a professor telling me that he misses me and the other an acquaintance I struck up this year inviting me to her special party. At least there's proof that, with the former, I made a mark in someone's life and, with the latter, that I made an impression. I'm very happy and proud of myself. But most of all, I am extremely excited to meet these human beings once again that I couldn't sleep the other night—I was s…