Do Not Disturb: Lady Fantasizing

Sinangag. Longganisa. Tocino. Tapa. Nilagang baka. Kaldereta. Mais. Crab and corn soup. Cup noodles. Kit Kat. Tourist. Tofi Luk. Hello Panda. Curly Tops. Bangus. Danggit. Mahi-mahi. Aratiles. Tuna melt. Chalk. Fishball. Kamikaze. Cappuccino. Latte. Bacardi. Pale Pilsen. Egg. Banana. Kare-kare. Vcut. Kesong puti. Mushroom. Blazing burger. Afritada. Sky Flakes. Cowhead. Mrs. Fields. Macadamia. Chilli flakes. Wheat bread. Ludy's. Doughnut. Mashed potato. Mais con yelo. Pesto. Shrimp. Panini. Arroz caldo. Bagoong. Pula ng itlog na pula. Lechon. Luglog. Canton. Palabok. Embutido. Sago't gulaman. Ham. Crepe. Lasagna. Monggo. Paella. Paksiw. Pinakbet. Turon. Teriyaki. Mang Tomas. Cheesecake. Lumpia. Morcon. Ovaltine. Chocolait. Clubhouse sandwich. French fries. Naan. Pancake. Kamatis. Garlic. Green peas. Ube. Empanada.

Not tinola. Not sunny-side up. Not decaf. No sugar. Not Light. Not Bloody Mary. Keep the bones, if we're talking chicken. Not flat tops. Not caramel. Not powder. Not keso de bola. Not chocolate cake. Not ice cream. Not fruit salad. Not pineapple. None of the berries and cherries. Not halo-halo. Not bihon. Not siomai. Not hard-core Japanese. Not banana ketchup. Not maling. Not angel hair. Not dense company. Not chopsticks. Never marshmallow.

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