13 November 2013

November so far

My new pocket notebook
What do you call that feeling when you're taking pleasure in the moment, and, aware of your pleasure, you begin to miss the very moment you are in? —The first note I wrote in my new notebook as I end the day at Press Cafe, the coffee shop inside Fully Booked in Alabang.

Something heavy for me
I received an early Christmas gift. The dedication says, 'Something heavy for Razel'. What's sweet about it is that I later on learned that the gift was meant to lighten up my mood.

Two people I admire and have not been in touch with for a long time sent me a message. One is a professor telling me that he misses me and the other an acquaintance I struck up this year inviting me to her special party. At least there's proof that, with the former, I made a mark in someone's life and, with the latter, that I made an impression. I'm very happy and proud of myself. But most of all, I am extremely excited to meet these human beings once again that I couldn't sleep the other night—I was singing songs that everyone's probably forgotten about in my head.

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