23 September 2013

Small things

It's been raining non-stop this weekend. And this morning the downpour made me stay at home until around 11 AM. When I got out to finally go to work, I couldn't find transportation. All public vehicles would only travel until Evacom (merely a couple of traffic lights away). Going back home was an option, but I didn't feel like it, so I decided to have lunch at the nearby Tropical Hut and then hoped for a successful commute afterwards.

A fast-food restaurant I like.
Serves good coffee.
The place, which has been recently renovated to look fresher, was almost empty. Brilliant. I enjoyed a burger steak, two cups of coffee, and in between exchanged text messages with friends—asking how they are and if we could meet soon.

My calculations were precise (to exaggerate). When I left Tropical Hut, it took me a few blinks to get inside a van and in 30 minutes I was sitting pretty in my cubicle.

Roughly 4 hours were spent in the office. The rain still hasn't stopped. I asked a co-worker if I could hitch a ride home with him, to which he gamely said yes.

Now I'm in my room, and the rain continues. Time passed, nothing happened, but never have I felt like something was wasted.

If I were being lazy, I would say that it's the small things that make us happy; but it's not. That the weather is difficult but endurable (and currently pleasurable), that I am given latitude to be late, that I have had my meal in peace and quiet, that there are people who show care, and that not one of these would be meaningful without the others is no humble clockwork.

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