24 September 2013

In a Comme des Garçons state of mind

No matter how weird or unique you think you are, you will regularly find yourself in life's textbook moments. For example, if you ask me now, 'What is your most embarrassing experience?'—a question that would usually take me forever to answer—I would say before you get to the second syllable of the word embarrassing: I went all the way from home to work with my blouse turned inside-out. That involved riding two vehicles, crossing about five streets, and passing by at least three people in the office before arriving at my department.

The good news is—are: You learn that you have friends who:
  1. have sharp eyes and care about you enough to break it to you gently;
  2. will say all the right words to console you;
  3. will surprise you with an unexpected response like laugh at the situation and encourage you to look at the brighter side of things; and
  4. will give you special treatment and be kind to you when surely they'd be snarkier if it happened to a non-friend.
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My favorite response is from Morx, who falls into category #4. He said, 'Kung inside-out, baka akalain nilang Comme des Garçons ang blusa mo. Fasyown.'

Thanks, friends.

On the darker side of things, I can't help but ponder the sheer stupidity of it all. How can I be trusted then with the bigger things, like raising a child or running a project when I overlook my, well, look?

But then maybe I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Lesson noted. Check the mirror with the lights on before leaving the house.

When I got home, I took off my blouse and impulse and curiosity made me put it on again a la Comme des Garçons. Well, it wasn't that bad, I thought and started giggling. Yeah I can see it. Pretty funny, majorly embarrassing.

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