Ask again

What do you want in a man? A question I never took seriously, because which man would seriously take note? Gentle but knows when to be tough, handsome, of course—I resort to generalities like these.

But if you would kindly so ask again.

1. Neat, wide smile.
2. A bit traditional. Brings flowers, holds the door, pulls the chair.
3. A bit adventurous. Would be confident in getting lost. Could trek the mountains better than me. I better not outlast him swimming in the sea.
4. Will be curious on what I'm all about, but will know when to step back.
5. Will ignore me when he's busy with things he's deeply passionate about.
6. Will insist on paying the bill, no exception.
7. Affectionate. He'll hug out of habit yet deliberately find ways to send shivers down my spine when I least expect it.
8. Corny.

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