18 June 2021


Am not returning this book. Joke/not joke.

My niece brought this book to my apartment and left it, that is, forgot to bring it back home, as she does with all the things she brings — toys, art, whatnot — during her visits.

Cowell, Philip (author); Hildebrand, Caz (illustrator). This Is Me, Period. Clarkson Potter, 2017.

It's a clever, playful book on punctuations, with a hint of sassy pedantry between the pages.

No one's too young for a semicolon or a William Blake reference.

I could see the little lovers of this book loving Lynn Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves once they're older and ready to read longer texts.

My favorite page.

By the way, a couple of weeks before I came across This Is Me, Period, one of my favorite podcasts, The Verb, released an episode on Pausing and Punctuation.

The punctuation gods compel me to ask, what are your most beloved references on grammar and punctuation?

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