11 February 2019

Dance incidental

To repeat myself: this is the only justice I believe in right now, so you have to tolerate the fangirling. "Woman Worldwide" is extra special for me because I was there and heard the draft that would become this sonic masterpiece.

My congratulations to the French duo for winning Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2019 Grammys. (By the way, I thought their co-nominees, Sophie and Jon Hopkins also put out incredible records last year. As such, I don't believe in awards as measuring tools for quality, worth or contribution, but that's for later.)

The gentlemen talk about making tracks that happen to be danceable in the Recording Academy interview (video above). Well it's a welcome side effect. Dance is kind of like a sneeze, a release that's hard to force. And artists like Justice prolong the pleasure.

Thank you, Gaspard, Xavier, and to everyone behind Woman Worldwide. All the music, all the light you cast on me will never wash off.

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