15 May 2017

Disco perfection

I have this playlist called 'Flavor of the now'. Title's self-explanatory, no? Songs there have a short shelf life. May, however, seems to be my new-music month. Two releases have blown my mind, a single by Ghastly and Matthew Koma and an LP from Ed Banger Records (on the 26th, Rita Ora is dropping Your song — but that's topic for later). My favorite artists are loving me back.

These tracks have been enjoying a longer run on FOTN. They're on repeat since Thursday (an advantage of living this side of the world is our Friday arrives earlier, so I got to sort of preview them); and are currently playing in the background as I type this.

1. We might fall – Ghastly, Matthew Koma

It's so simple and so direct. So clear in what it wants to say. I never really take lyrics seriously but this hits home. I knew it was good as I somewhat felt annoyed after a few listens.

Could you come a little closer but still keep your distance. I realize this is a cliché yet it's also not, because we don't say it out loud. The rest of the song is that — your fears of intimacy laid bare.

The structure is deceivingly thin and even, as well. Nothing much is going on until you're caught in layers and layers of sound. And feelings.

2. Mystery – Breakbot

Confession. Only reason I'm interested in 'Ed Rec 100' is Justice. Other than the duo, I only know Breakbot, Boys Noize, and very little of Sebastian, Busy P, and Mr Oizo.

So aside from the Randy remix, I checked out Breakbot's Mystery. Oh how he cheers me up with his groove. At first I was disapppointed to hear vocals, but as it progressed, I was smiling silly. It's disco perfection.

'Ed Rec 100', an album celebrating Ed Banger Records' 100th release.

Since the entire album was already available, I gave it a go. Now I understand why Ed Banger has such a loyal fanbase. The next couple of songs are from the same compilation celebrating the 100th release of the record label.

3. Genie – Busy P, Mayer Hawthorne

Am I listening to the chill, charming cousin of rock n' roll or what. I enjoy singing along with this one. Pop songs are overpowered by the pop star's voice (and personality); what I like about these electronic dance tracks is that the vocals complement every sonic element in the production.

And this line's cool: I know that you see me / You know that I see you, too. Yeah, I can relate. Coz I'm rock n' roll like that.

4. About it – Boston Bun, Steed

This one I want to hear, to experience in a nightclub — or a lounge?

To be super non-technical, the track is marked by yearning. The hook is all at once sexy, catchy, and emotional. Then there's this drop to make things interesting and extra dancy.


Sidenote: Speaking of favorite artists, Adam Anderson shared this letter on his birthday (May 14).

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Seeing Hurts live is a dream. I wish him well.

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