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Much ado about time: Notes on 'Comet'

Written and directed by Sam Esmail, Comet tells the story of “now” girl Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) and “five minutes from now” guy Dell (Justin Long).

“I don’t like time,” says Kimberly, who finds the whole idea of a beginning, middle, and end restrictive. As someone who lives “in the now,” she enjoys things like paintings, for they are there to be experienced whenever and however she wants. Meanwhile, Dell, who labels himself a “five minutes from now person,” is addled with fear, always pre-empting a disaster that may or may not happen.

The two protagonists’ perspective on time serves as a driving force of the film, which is set in parallel universes. As how Kimberly may have liked it, the story is narrated through a series of time jumps and with changing color palettes, allowing the audience to take in the moment as a fragment that can stand on its own.

We see glimpses of their first meeting, falling out, break-up, reunion and reconciliation, yet never in that order. Fuzzy as a comet, …