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AJ on OS

To “the goth kid whom everyone evades during lunch break, the pack of punks hanging out at the back of the building, or that offbeat kid who, to be honest, just don’t give a shit” — pardon the labels, but if you relate to these personas in any way — OS is for you.

Latin for “bone”, OS is the name, material and mantra of the street accessory brand established three years ago by partners AJ Omandac and Paul Jatayna. “In history, jewelry loosely started with bones as adornments, either as prize for a hunt or even war. We thought it would really be awesome if somehow we make it contemporary,” shares AJ.

The idea, however, of harvesting real bones was a challenge. Not to mention it’s fairly impossible to export or reproduce it in a humane, let alone environmental method.

It wasn’t until AJ and Paul chanced upon artist Leeroy New, who taught them the basics of mould-making and resin casting. “From there we practiced and experimented until we got it right,” he continues. And OS Accessories w…


Happy new year from the comfort of my apartment.

Last night I was saying that New Year is very much over-rated because we're merely talking about the passage of time. Ten o'clock becoming eleven, Wednesday overtaking Tuesday, and so on.

But I feel like conversing and that first sentence was this occasion's version of Good afternoon how are you?

Me? I'm doing fine. Going back to the first sentence again, I'm living in an apartment now. In my own space since November last year.

It was about the same time I took on a new job in the same company. And that was right after I got my driving license.

And before the year ended, December 30 to be exact, I bought a new phone, which I'm using now to blog this (and which I used to shoot the attached photo).

All these activities, acquired possessions, and changes make me feel, well, good. Not because something's happening in my life but because I am making things happen.

2014's theme is open doors. And because Mel ga…