Yellow and blue

Feeling yellow and blue
Feeling like a failure for, at 31, am already taking pain relievers.

Took the day off to drop by the hospital and have my back checked. Because of bad habits, I over-stressed my muscles, which resulted into nasty spasms the last couple of days.

Spent the rest of the afternoon at a nearby cafe, reading. Literature, after all, is my preferred drug. Coincidentally, the colors of the cup and saucer matched the colors of my jacket matched the colors of my mood.


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    1. Thanks, Epi! Am already getting better. =)

  2. And the colors of The Philippine STAR no? Still typing it that way after 11 years!

    1. Alts balik ka sa STAR! I need a work soul mate—and psychologist.

      I'm wearing the PhilSTAR jacket in the photo. =)

    2. Haha! I do miss PhilSTAR. LOL.


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