20 October 2013


5am Sunday moon
—Good morning, moon.
—Same moon in between two cats on the wall walking toward each other.
—Cheap bars nearing closing time, drunken men not quite done partying.
—Stench of uncollected garbage.
—Jeepney half-filled with women in uniform, reporting for factory work maybe.
—20-minute walk to the country club.

—Sporting event starts. Kids play, I work.
—No appetite for breakfast, craves coffee only.

—Work done. Heads straight to ATC.
—Bought Alex Garland's The Beach.
—Full-body massage.

ATC cat
—Late lunch, starts reading The Beach. Exciting. Wants to go to the beach.
—Spots a cat.
—A mother approaches, asks if she and her kids could share a table with me. Sure. Let's share the cake as well?
—Vow of endless love: 'I shall love you until cats stop being cute.'

—Watched Carrie. Film's pretty tight, I don't however see the point of remaking it.

—Goes to Mama Lou's to meet past office mates.
—Too early, reads The Beach some more. This would be more fun if I were wide awake.

—Duna arrives. Sleepiness diminishes.

Yani, Emgrey, Duna, me, and Julie
(Photo by Emgrey)
—The gang's complete. Reunited with Yani, Emgrey, and Julie after almost two years of no contact.
—Pizza bianca, prosciutto (I spelled it right the first time!), red wine, chicken pesto risotto, steak, more chicken, seafood pasta, red sauce, iced tea, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cake, tiramisu, beer. Cigarettes for them.
—Love girls who know how to enjoy their food. Love people who splurge.

—Awake for 24 hours.
—Home, thinking of the day that's been, still tasting the steak, worrying about deadlines.

—Probably asleep. Probably thinking.

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