26 November 2011

Life is short

unless you're:

1) in a bad marriage, I imagine.
2) the last to perform in your school piano recital.
3) stuck in an elevator with your boss.
4) along EDSA.
5) watching opera.

13 November 2011


My companion and I were talking about another person's life and, in trying to describe it, I came up with the word normal, knowing too well that that was not the right word.

As my companion began telling more about this person (married with children, lives in a nice house abroad, engages her passions—writing, travelling), the right word came up: I didn't mean normal, I meant ideal.

12 November 2011

Guilty to death

You know how it is when early in the morning every fiber of your being does not want to get out of bed even if it has to and you start dreaming about going to the bathroom brushing your teeth, taking a shower—or whatever morning routine you have—except you know for sure that you are actually doing those things until you wake up and realize it was all a dream?

That happened to me today. I had a morning affair which I decided I would cancel at the last minute, but instead of sending that one text message asking for a rain check, I took a snooze and in that snooze I dreamed of composing, sending, and receiving a reply to the imagined text message. What woke me up—4 hours into the snooze—was the call from the person I was supposed to meet.

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