19 October 2008

A literal weather

After dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, People Support, we crossed the street going to RCBC, 30 minutes early for Master Class, so we'd still have time to freshen up and look at the playbill and other stuff they sell.

Ava mentioned good thing it wasn't raining, we had no umbrella. I said I wasn't worried, I knew the weather. Trend is, at the start of the week, there's heavy rain, then by Wednesday it'll subside, be gone by Thursday then completely go away on Friday till the weekend. That's how it's been for the past couple of months.

She was amused by the knowledge, or that I bothered to observe. I have no choice, I have always been a commuter. I prepare more for the transportation than anything else in my daily routine: the intense heat or rain, the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear that matches the mediocrity that is my outfit, the reckless drivers, the lack of over and underpasses, and the memory of many near-traffic-accidents I've had.

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