19 October 2008

A literal weather

After dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, People Support, we crossed the street going to RCBC, 30 minutes early for Master Class, so we'd still have time to freshen up and look at the playbill and other stuff they sell.

Ava mentioned good thing it wasn't raining, we had no umbrella. I said I wasn't worried, I knew the weather. Trend is, at the start of the week, there's heavy rain, then by Wednesday it'll subside, be gone by Thursday then completely go away on Friday till the weekend. That's how it's been for the past couple of months.

She was amused by the knowledge, or that I bothered to observe. I have no choice, I have always been a commuter. I prepare more for the transportation than anything else in my daily routine: the intense heat or rain, the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear that matches the mediocrity that is my outfit, the reckless drivers, the lack of over and underpasses, and the memory of many near-traffic-accidents I've had.

29 August 2008

Career fear

There is nothing more frustrating than a good concept gone bad. There is no worse failure than a rich idea half-realized.

A couple of officemates raved about 'Stranger than Fiction'. One of them was eager enough to lend me her DVD of the film.

I started to smile when Harold Crick started to hear the voice of Karen Eiffel. I was thrilled when, after getting no help from a psychologist, Harold sought the expertise of a Literature professor. I was ecstatic when Karen's phone rang as she typed that the phone would ring.

All the buildup was for nothing. The ride took me nowhere. In me was one big sayang.

14 June 2008

(My) Friendship rules

1. Be punctual. Commitment is requisite. Once you've set an appointment with me, don't crush my heart by cancelling it at the last minute (or the last two hours) for another appointment set by your other friend.

When we are to watch a show—especially a play, never dare ask, 'Is it gonna start on time?' It is supposed to start on time. We may be in the Philippines, but you will not make things any better by tolerating that habit.

2. Linger. I spend five out of seven days a week and twelve out of twenty-four hours a day doing soulless difficult things to earn a living. I look forward to conversing with you and therefore you cannot leave at five thirty in the afternoon. Not in the afternoon. Not at five thirty.

12 May 2008

Acts of intimacy

1. Playing a song for someone
2. Letting them read your earliest drafts of poetry
3. Sharing breakfast
4. Lending your book and not claiming it back

19 April 2008

Sexy 2

Extreme selfishness for books.

18 April 2008

Difficulties like friendship

It starts, because you two have something in common. Say a dish, or a philosophy on eating a dish. Maybe you both like girls. Or boys and girls. Or you both care about none of those love and sex stuff. A passion for syntax, torn between lauding and crucifying your boss. You like each other until. Until one gets out of the common ground. Say one found the right love and sex stuff. Shown improved skills in syntax. Became at peace with your boss, liked a dish you barely understood.

You remain friends, because some things remain: proximity to each other and there is fondness still.

11 April 2008

Sexy 1

The kindness that wasn't expected of you.

21 March 2008

Which is farthest from the fact

Sad certainties like this inevitable fact: That in the future, there will be several instances wherein my ego will be hurt.

You deal with a most horrendous tragedy and you think yourself immune from later bruises.

06 January 2008

Lesson no. 63917 in life

Do not delete an acquaintance's number and if by any means it was removed from your phone book, retrieve immediately. This acquaintance might seek you in the future and need your company; while you, clueless of the name behind the number will ask: Who u? And the bond that might have been will remain a might-have-been and a might-have-been forever.

05 January 2008


Let us stay away from each other's works, literary or otherwise.

Let us shy away from intelligent discernment of one another's choices of lovers.

Do not and I will not comment on matters of family, yours and mine.

Let our conversations remain on the level of ideas and the ideals.

Let us always be sensitive of each others' insecurities.

Let us be the best of friends and give our best lies of each other when we need them the most.

Cheers to the new year! It may be just one more to the many or few years we have, but it is what we have now.

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