06 October 2007


What I look forward to on Fridays is sleeping with total disregard for what time I should wake up. I would sleep till 2 in the Saturday afternoon. Not this Saturday—

—Had to catch the 2 pm screening of El Sueno de una noche de San Juan at Greenbelt. It was worth it. I would recommend it to friends, but the movie has no other screening schedule.

I had no intentions watching another film, but the Saturday's all mine and the 7 pm show seemed interesting.

I had Stong Ice and sisig for a very late lunch. I was hungry. But there wasn't enough space in my stomach for dessert. While my tummy's digesting many things, I went book shopping. I was quite amazed by how many poetry titles they had in the shelves—especially that of Carson's, Gl├╝ck's and Bidart's. Somehow I felt like I knew each person who bought and would buy them.

Whenever I'm in Greenbelt, I make it a point to have coffee at Segafredo. It's from there that I learned of the Turkish belief, coffee should be as "black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love".  But to my surprise and dismay, Segafredo had closed.

When I like to be alone, I like to be alone. So imagine the collapse of my inner peace when I had been spotted by a perky high school mate in the restroom some 20 minutes before going into the movie theater—Had I only used the CR downstairs, Had I not come way too early

The 7 pm show was interesting, so imagine everyone's frustration when it started to play like a 3rd-rate pirated DVD after 30 minutes. The sound was busted, the picture kept freezing.
First time ko maexperience 'to, sa G3 pa.
Those responsible took a different reel and played the movie from the start.
Ay, pare, napanood ko na 'to, ganito mangyayari diyan—

Menu, select scene—
30 minutes and 5 more passed by and passed by fine. Then the sound went choppy, the picture stopped completely.
Tara na, pare.

Alis na tayo?

It's pointless.
I wanted to stay and wait, and hope. But it was pointless.
At least may pang blog ako.
The theater was small and I'm quite a nice person. I said good-bye to the perky high school mate. I wish to see Ciudad en Celo sometime very soon.

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