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What I look forward to on Fridays is sleeping with total disregard for what time I should wake up. I would sleep till 2 in the Saturday afternoon. Not this Saturday—

—Had to catch the 2 pm screening of El Sueno de una noche de San Juan at Greenbelt. It was worth it. I would recommend it to friends, but the movie has no other screening schedule.

I had no intentions watching another film, but the Saturday's all mine and the 7 pm show seemed interesting.

I had Stong Ice and sisig for a very late lunch. I was hungry. But there wasn't enough space in my stomach for dessert. While my tummy's digesting many things, I went book shopping. I was quite amazed by how many poetry titles they had in the shelves—especially that of Carson's, Gl├╝ck's and Bidart's. Somehow I felt like I knew each person who bought and would buy them.

Whenever I'm in Greenbelt, I make it a point to have coffee at Segafredo. It's from there that I learned of the Turkish belief, c…