I went to Paenaan, Antipolo last Friday for a company outing. Suddenly, 17 of us found ourselves bored and so nagkayayaang umakyat ng bundok.

We were just supposed to see a waterfall. We didn't know we had to climb a mountain for more than an hour.

It was my first time. I haven't even tried wall climbing in the malls. Had I been alone, I wouldn't pursue it at all. But "Since the rest of the girls are doing it, why can't I?", I said to my self. Uhuh, peer pressure.

Every time I worry about going through a very steep incline, my worry doubles, for I also had to think of going back--how I could manage that.

And because I'm writing this, I managed.

Not A Virgin In Mountain Climbing Anymore Talk About Hard-To-Get Water

I never thought I would enjoy it. After reaching the waterfall, and higher, drinking the fresh water from a bamboo tongue, I got a feeling I could do anything. There really is something about challenging your physical limitations--the moment I got down, I thought of when my next climb would be.


  1. Cousin! I love the "Hard-to-Get Water" pic! :) Pede ka ng model. Heheh. It reminds me of a scene in Meteor Garden. ^_^

  2. "Pede ka ng model."

    'Lam mo naman lahi natin...

    Ehehe, pang-Meteor Garden pala beauty ko. Thanks for the compliment!

    See ya soon--


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