15 September 2021

Venus and Mars in Aries 4th House

Everyday view from the kitchen window

You read your horoscope and think it can apply to literally anyone in the world. Then you go deeper into your birth chart, review house systems and find this:
Venus in the 4th House
Venus in the fourth house means that these people are the happiest in their own home, or that they would like to have an ideal home. These people have an emotional connection with their home. They love their house or flat and they try to make it nice and neat, often with real artistic talent.

Mars in the 4th House
Mars in the fourth house points to energy in the home of these people. They aggressively seek security... This position of Mars usually means conflicts in the household and family. People with Mars in the fourth house often avoid marriage. Sometimes it can mean a person who puts great efforts into building or rebuilding his house or who has a rather aggressive interest in his surroundings.

(Via Astro-Seek ; Whole Sign house system)

Holy shit. That it even uses the words 'flat' and 'aggressive' is ridiculous, because spot-on. My Venus and Mars are both in Aries, both in the Fourth House. We associate Venus with sexual attraction, Mars with desire and drive, and Aries with fiery possessiveness; but never have I thought of these energies manifesting in the material home. Yet it makes perfect sense to me.

I am over-protective of my space. Since 2014, you could say that I've been building another shell, a shelter (sorry, can't help it). All this time I've been adding and substracting articles, repairing parts of and beautifying this tiniest of flats. It's a never-ending process, too.

What's all the work for? I imagine entertaining. Oh the dinnerware sets I bought, the table for two — or more. A piano for my sanity and to serenade guests. Where my clothes are myself in public, my house is myself in private.

In both spheres, what I share remains minimal. Thing is, I rarely bring in anyone here. If my public persona is closed off, my apartment door is just as tightly shut. There is so much stress in cleaning up before and after visitors, and then the constant fear of someone breaking something. And to be honest, I don't quite know how to say, Hey, can you leave now? It's time for me to be alone.

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