19 August 2012

These brand new feelings brought to you by the weather

Manila Bay view from Roxas Boulevard
When Typhoon Ketsana ravaged Metro Manila in 2009, I felt guilt for taking pleasure in the weather in the safety of my home.

Last week I learned what it was like to be stranded—unwillingly away from home. They didn't have any name for what happened; they only called it for what it was: habagat.

I spent the night at the office where I did my best to get a few hours of sleep. Then I got home just before noon the morning after. Lucky for me as the the van I was riding found a way around the flooded areas in Sucat and therefore dodged heavy traffic.

It was only ever an inconvenience, but not one I'm ready to go through again.


That said, I love the rain.

1. The cold that keeps me awake.
2. The music made of water.
3. The chill brought by thunder and lightning, that buried chord briefly surfacing.


For days the grey skies—blurring imperfections—turn Manila Bay into a moving painting. Calm water, distant heaven, and by the horizon the ships sit.

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