1. Last time I won a medal, I think I was still 4 feet tall.
2. I earned one again yesterday (along with 2 team mates) at the first Columbia Recyclable Regatta held at The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

3. It's nice to build something and name it.
4. And sail it.

5. A greater feeling to be off shore and away from it all. I wished we could pause and relax, bobbing on the water.
6. Or continue paddling to the next shore. (But we had to go back and finish a race.)

7. God I love the sea.


  1. WOW! Congrats, cuz! :) Any bigger photos of your masterpiece? =D Naalala ko din one of your poems, in reference to #7. You wrote that "Desire is a sea without a shore." (YOU did write that, right? My memory isn't playing tricks on me? Hahaha!). Very unforgettable line!

  2. I wasn't able to take as much photos of the event as I'd like to, coz we were all too busy and messy creating the boats. But here are the few shots I was able to take:

    Am really anxious to see the photos that will be uploaded on the Columbia FB page as there might be unflattering images of me. =X

    Ah, my very first attempt (coz we were forced to write one by our great teacher) at a sonnet! Your memory is sharp as ever.


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