18 March 2012

Tonight, we are young

So let's set the world on fire
Despite March being the fire prevention month, Manila was set ablaze. And I was glad to be in the middle of it all.

For three consecutive Saturdays since March began, I was audience at the 3rd International Pyro-musical Competition. The first night was awe-inspiring and it only got better from then on.

Two of the best exhibitions (since both of them won eventually) happened last week. A favorite to win the championship was Canada and I took their display as Fortune's birthday gift to me.

It's only been a week since I turned 29 but already I feel like I'm 7 years older. Going back to a 9 to 6 job is challenging, not to mention working in Manila is cause of stress enough. Manila can make an animal out of you. Whether prey or predator, who knows. Just recently an expat's video on the 20 things he dislikes about the Philippines went viral. It was taken down before I could watch it; but surely give me an hour in Malate and I will furnish you with a list of 200 things I dislike about the Philippines.

We can burn brighter than the sun
Which is not to say that I hate this country. And I didn't intend to discuss this matter in the first place. There are little and big things we hate and love about our country. The fact that it can serve as a good host to an international fireworks spectacle is one tiny reason that I love mine.

At the closing night of the competition, Canada was declared champion. Not a surprise. Philippines' Platinum Fireworks, Inc. took care of surprising the crowd by putting up a most stunning show regardless of technical difficulties. For a few burning minutes, everyone under that piece of Manila sky was young. Not the young who believes himself to be the genius outsider of the world, but the young who hasn't learned what it means to put his guard up yet; with nothing to protect or fear, not even the fire.

1. Photos taken by my sister
2. Title and photo captions are from the song 'We are young', which was used in the Philippine pyro-musical display

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