Word. A silence charged with sweetness*

The moon has been terribly violent these nights. It wakes me up at 3 in the morning. Pulling down the curtain doesn't do any good, because my curtain's too thin—you know how hot it is in the Philippines.

In other news, I am completely immersed in Seamus Heaney's book, Death of a Naturalist.
The Play Way
Seamus Heaney

Sunlight pillars through glass, probes each desk
For milk-tops, drinking straws and old dry crusts.
The music strides to challenge it,
Mixing memory and desire with chalk dust.

My lesson notes read: Teacher will play
Beethoven's Concerto Number Five
And class will express themselves freely
In writing. One said 'Can we jive?'

When I produced the record, but now
The big sound has silenced them. Higher
And firmer, each authoritative note
Pumps the classroom up tight as a tyre,

Working its private spell behind eyes
That stare wide. They have forgotten me
For once. The pens are busy, the tongues mime
Their blundering embrace of the free

Word. A silence charged with sweetness
Breaks short on lost faces where I see
New looks. Then notes stretch taut as snares. They trip
To fall into themselves unknowingly.
* From Seamus Heaney's book, Death of a Naturalist


  1. cuz, sobrang OT--- pero how did you do those collapse thingies? hindi ko pa rin mapagana comment script ko. :(

  2. Cute, no? Hehehe. Nakita ko lang din 'yan kay Althea.

    Una sa lahat, ni-upgrade ko yung template ko into their "layout" ek ek. Kasi yung script for the collapse thingy, para dun siya sa upgraded blog. Baka nalost na yung comment mo somewhere in editing. So upgrade mo na lang din blog mo and start from scratch...

    Go here:


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  3. *Ahem, ahem* KSP lang! Sana nga somebody makes an LJ-linecut hack. Yung in between! Gusto ko rin yun.

  4. ^ Me too! In fact akala ko nung una puwede yun-- I tried putting some of the text in between the span tags, pero nung pinublish ko na, nasu dulo pa din yung 'read more...' Sigh.


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