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An Other Self (Nothing Further)

It's one of those moments when you thought, "Why have I gone this way?"

I was supposed to ride a bus from EDSA after watching "Prime" (a movie which ending I truly appreciated) in Rockwell. Instead I rode a bus to Ayala and decided to take the shuttle from Landmark to Sucat. But that was not yet the deadly instead. Instead, I went to Greenbelt, despite my distaste for its crowd--both size and--

And there they were. At Starbucks, where else? Three of my former high schoolmates. They shouted my name. I heard the excitement in their voices.

What was I worried about? I was even frustrated. Why?

Because I didn't want to chat with them. Fake enthusiasm. You all know how a hoax smile hurt the jaw. Imagine the horror when it was a Saturday and you were expected to hang out till the early morn.

Why don't I want to chat with them? Because I don't like them. I don't hate them, I just don't like them.

We were not close buddies in high school and…