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Not-so-simple joys

First time I laid eyes on Sally Hansen's 'Nude Now', my heart skipped a beat. That happens. You see something and fantasize about life with that object. You get closer, look at the price you have to pay in exchange for it. It can only be either very expensive and improbable or very expensive yet manageable. The moment you realize you have a chance, some purchasing power, the desire intensifies.

So I bought it, applied it on my nails, and whatever the opposite of regret is was how I felt.

We human beings are meant to walk, are we not? But we have evolved and now we must do it in style. For that reason, I bought a pair of Keds: the canvas sneakers and the idea of slipping on your shoes and then doing amazing things.

The book I wanted was not available in the two bookstores I visited. But I had to have something new to read. Somehow it was for the better as I was compelled to once again take a risk—buy a book because of its cover, synopsis, and blurb.

The sw…