7.7.18 Playlist

1. Diagram Girl – Beyond the Wizards Sleeve

Fell madly in love with Diagram Girl that I made the single's cover my laptop and mobile phone wallpaper (see above). Only thing I don't like about it is the criminal shortness.

2. Diagram Girl – Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation

Of course it has an extended version! Which existence I only discovered this week. One-half of the duo is a well-known remixer, so how can I be so naive? And as with serious remixes, this re-animation surpasses the original. There's just much more room to nestle in. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve announced that they're releasing a compilation of demos and alternative versions of songs from "The Soft Bounce" in celebration of the album's 2nd anniversary. End of August. Am super excited.

3. Coma Idyllique – Therapie Taxi

On Instagram I follow this French journalist, who also follows me, and I can't remember how we got into following each other. Anyway, she posted videos from a Therapie Taxi concert and this song caught my ear. It's from their current (and I believe debut) album, "Hit Sale"; but I prefer the EP version, which I'm sharing here.

4. Randy (WWW) – Justice

Third track (freshly) released (only a day old) from the upcoming "Woman Worldwide" live album. It's beyond randy; it's mental, especially the first half. They didn't play this until the latter part of their world tour, so I didn't get the chance to experience the version live. Fingers crossed that Gaspard et Xavier will tour "Woman" for a year more and visit Asia again. And that I won't be broke or gravely ill by then.

5. Essential Eleven – Soulwax

Or, a catalog of "essential" synonyms. Plato would approve.

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