A very personal achievement

I've always been deprecating my fashion sense because fashion to me carries an undertone of visionariness. See, I want to be fashionable, but you can't claim to be such if you only know how not to look bad. Just like when you say you are a writer, you're not only someone who can string words together; you're also expected to be a person of integrity and wisdom (which is not the reality, of course, but that deserves another blog).

(L) Sprinto ad; (R) The sunglasses I bought
prior to seeing the billboard
So my confidence got a bit of a boost when I saw this billboard a while ago at the mall. Featured in it is the sunglasses I bought last September.

I remember taking almost half an hour in selecting the perfect shades and still feeling like it was an impulse purchase afterwards, since the frame is made of wood and doesn't have nose pads; therefore it won't fulfill its duties as an everyday eye gear, which is what I wanted in the first place. In addition, What a shame, I thought, that I was seduced by appearance.

Three months later, the sunglasses proved to be fun to wear, durable, and an attention-grabber. The ad a serendipitous affirmation of my impeccable, impeccable taste.


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