The Riddle Song

I gave my love a cherry that had no stone.
I gave my love a chicken that had no bone.
I told my love a story that had no end.
I gave my love a baby with no crying.

How can there be a cherry that has no stone?
How can there be a chicken that has no bone?
How can there be a story that has no end?
How can there be a baby with no crying?

A cherry when it's blooming, it has no stone.
A chicken when in the shell, it has no bone.
The story of how I love you, it has no end.
A baby when it's sleeping, it's not crying.
I'm steady now.

The wiser guys tell me I'm doing it right being self-centered. That only in self-awareness and -love can you fully give, care, love, teach.

The wiser guys remind me it's my right to crave attention and sue for value. In affirmation, they caution me how I can never be the one and the only for somebody for all times.

The only friend, daughter, lover, sister, mentor, accomplice. No.

I'm happy now, tomorrow, sad. Some nights, I'm thinking, some nights, dancing. My changes are me. My life depends on a statement, a statement I will kill tomorrow like a lunatic.

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