3 Days, Baby*

Blame it on him.
Meme No. 2: Write 20 random facts about yourself, then tag a number of people equal to the number of minutes it takes you to write the facts.
1. I am more interested in doing Meme No. 1 than this.
2. I used to eat chalk when I was young and won't mind eating some now.
3. What poses as fact in this blog is half-truth, if not a complete lie.
4. I classify friends.
5. This meme is too pacute, but I'm answering this, because: a) JO is a good friend; b) It's in my nature to be pacute; c) It's a break from my usual blogging mood and d) There's nothing better to do.
6. I drink coffee at Starbucks/Figaro/SBC every day.
7. Am not fond of short stories.
8. I don't believe in anyone who says s/he is passionate about Bjork's music.
9. I love watching basketball and volleyball.
10. I do not know how to cook. (And I feel ashamed.)
11. If I'll be bestial, I'll do it with a cheetah.
12. I have pathetically dry skin.
13. I am willing to spend 1,000 pesos on a meal for no special occasion. (Eating's the occasion--and that 1,000 is, of course, just for me.)
14. I love OPM.
15. I don't like ice cream (there are exceptions, of course: ube flavor and cookies and cream) and chocolate cakes.
16. I want to learn the art of putting on makeup.
17. I'm 23 na pala!
18. I like people--I always find something to admire in someone--and something to envy.
19. Am not a fan of message boards and blogrolling (as verb.)
20. Am not a fan of tagging.

But those who may be interested (and since I find them interesting--take note again of item no. 3, hehe): Althea, Junie, Louie, Syeri, Heizel.

* I started answering this March 23, but only got to finish it tonight!

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