A Lousiness

Rode a bus from Buendia to Ayala. A sound of something hard and heavy that fell. A couple grunts of dismay. Then silence. All was clear again--meaning back to normal. Then some talks.

A woman in shades, seated at the other side: "May nakuha ba sa inyo?"

A man, in shades, green polo shirt and jeans, standing up, groping through his pocket: "Nakuha yung 10,000 ko." He took from his left pocket a crumpled 1,000 peso bill, looked at it.

I looked at it.

The woman in shades: "Sundan niyo, naglalakad pa 'yan."

He went out.

The man sitting beside me felt his pocket.


From Heidi via SMS:
If today is the last day of the earth, what would you be doing?

I'm not asking for a reply, but for you to ponder if truly you're living the way you want to [be] right now, at this given moment.
Sleeping. Last-lining everything in dream. My nows have been mostly pipe dream, and that's how I like it most of the time.

What mythological conditioning I've undergone.

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