Accidentals, Essentials

In the last Monday of June 2005, a pretentious machowoman on television said, I am sorry, it was a lapse in judgment, in such a dead voice.

It is okay to pretend to have read the newspapers when you were still in high school, but the truth is it is just rightful not to have a care about the world at all when you're just 16.

And then you start to care. And then you know that all of it--the wardrobe, the setting--it's all a ploy, the apology--it's directed, still a pretend, an artifice.


That is when it is finally confirmed: there was never such a thing as natural beauty, but an effect of the natural, which is beautiful. That hard-work and diligence are not formulas for achieving your desires.

But it's only half of what you know.

Robert H. March: "It is possible to understand nature in terms of approximation to an ideal state even if that state cannot possibly exist in nature."

You yourself can only understand nature in terms of approximation to an ideal state, a state which cannot possibly exist in nature.

The sweetness of possibility. But not too much sweets, please.


In the box you build, you finish with an open lid. Ready to meet someone, there in flesh and clothes: an ideal audience.

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