Self-Ward And Other Marginal Notes

Reflection on self is your contribution to society. This is one of some of the marginal notes found in my notebook along with, because all poetry is a riddle, all poetry is generous.

Sometimes I become victim of my own codes. I can't understand my (literal, writing) self when I know I'm up to something beneficial to me. And with all this reviewing, or what I love to call revaluation, I remember acquaintances, officemates, relatives and I having been engaged in small talk, or what I call courtesy talk:
THEM: You study what in college?

I: Literature.

THEM: Exactly what do you learn?

I: How to read well.

THEM: But you must already know that from high school.

I: I mean, critically.

THEM: Critical thinking, literary criticism? That seems interesting, but not very useful. So that's it, reading? Then?

I: Then I guess that's it, I go on from there.
Are we really expecting nowadays for schools to teach something useful?


Photo Courtesy: Jay Patao (Malaya)She's pretty nga. Gionna Stacy Cabrera.

Via SMS:
ME: I just heard we lost again in the Miss Universe pageant. So it's now 33 years since we last wore the crown? But is it really such a big deal?

THE QUEEN: Yes and no. It's the national pastime and we can't even excel in it anymore.
That last sentence was followed by 3 ü's.


By the way, I do think our schools teach something useful--provide tools and proper knowledge on how to manipulate these tools when we plunge into the "real world." üüü

And if I may be so coy, I suggest that we add Financial Management or Budgeting 101 to our basic curricula. I swear it will save lives.

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