Magnificent Obsession: Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

I ask my brother why novelty songs get easily stuck in your head even if you don't want them to.

I, being a commuter, think that the PUV drivers who seem to be in mutual agreement to tune their radios to the same station that plays novelty songs have something to do with this.

But my brother simply answers that the reason why these songs replay in your head after listening to them for a couple of times--or even just once is because they use only 3 chords at a maximum. And most of them major chords. Well that's his theory (feel free to rebut it any time.)

With that statement, though, I figure that if all it takes to write a song are 3 major chords, then maybe I could write a song as well. (In this part of writing I hope I am not offending every decent songwriter there is.)

He says what's commonly used are C, D, G and A. So in my song, maybe I could use F, B and E (I say to him with much naïveté.) I still am not familiar with chord progression, but I have time to learn and I shall learn it well. Right now, I'm in love with the sound of F minor and I'm trying to learn its inversions.

It's always been my dream to write songs. Mass hymns in particular.

Someday I hope I could pull off something as passionate as "Magnificent Obsession."


  1. Curious lang, can you play "Anima Christi" sa piano? =)

  2. Syeri, I could if there'd be available sheet music. I really envy those who can play by ear. Oh well, there's a saying, what you lack in talent, you make up for with hard work.

  3. there are a million songs with the progression D-A-G-A. if you started studying the guitar, it'd probably be the first progression given you for practice.

    i heard a rumor that the bad michael learns to rock uses the same progression for all their songs. confirm?

  4. i heard about that michael learns to rock thing too... apparently, michael never learned to rock. heehee.

  5. stani: I would not be surprised, seeing (hearing) that all of their songs sound the same and are practically interchangeable.

  6. Stani, I have no idea. But like what the others have said, their songs sound the same. By the way, the first song I've learned in guitar is Introvoys's "Line to Heaven," because guess what, you simply have to go D-A-G-A! =D

    Althea, in fairness, I like their song, "Sleeping Child" (tama ba title?)

    Hello Mr./Ms. Anonymous, I hope next time you leave a name. =)

  7. i like sleeping child too. :">

    the first progression i learned was D-DM7-D7-DM7, the verse from "kiss me". the first song i learned completely was "Leaving on a Jet Plane" in the key of D, which was D-G-D-G-D-G-A or something like that.

    ah the good old days :D

  8. well, actually, nagustuhan ko yung The Actor (tama ba?) kasi napanood ko yung movie. hehe. later on ko na lang sila naayawan... siguro college na. pero ako rin, gusto ko yung Sleeping Child. hehe.

  9. ^ Oh, yes, The Actor, I love that song!

  10. Sorry, Diwata. I made the anonymous comment--was too lazy to log in at the time. :D


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