I've Always Believed In This, Horoscope

From Free Will Astrology:
The hero of Haruki Murakami's surrealistic novel, Kafka on the Shore, can cause schools of fish to fall like rain from the sky. I suspect that you might be able to do that yourself, Pisces. At least temporarily, you have uncanny abilities; I'm tempted to say that you actually possess magical powers. Be careful how you use your wizardry, please. Use it exclusively to perform good works. There's no need to turn your adversaries into jack-in-the-boxes if you can simply make them less adversarial. You shouldn't waste your talent on materializing $20 bills on the sidewalk when you can just as easily manifest an improvement in your working conditions.
I actually possess magical powers. I don't know about adversaries. I don't hate. I envy, I lust, am selfish, materialistic and wish minor misfortune to others, but I never hate. Perhaps that's a problem, sometimes. I must hate, sometimes. But adversaries don't necessarily mean people you hate, or people who hate you, or both.

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