It's March and where are we heading? The little joys our lives are made of. The gravity of... the gravity of antagonism here and there, everywhere. The election is just a few days away. For the kids, graduation time is coming--will they march, or not? Many awaits the summer, the sun, the vacation. Others may be looking forward to something else, while others are looking backwards for revaluation.

Me, I got to enjoy what I failed to do for a couple of months now--watch a basketball game. I was even surprised to find out that the PBA already started the season with a "transition" conference. Heartbreaks and spurts of brilliance came back to me again as I watched.

The different teams oozed with so much promise and everyone had the eagerness and "itch" (as the cool cat said) to play again.

A while ago, I caught Purefood's game against Ginebra. Purefoods trailed by a big deficit, although all was not lost for The Captain, Alvin Patrimonio. He just scored his fifteen thousandth and one point, giving him the membership to the elite 15,000-pt club, as there are only 3 of them so far in the club.

The first thing I had in mind as the crowd stood up to cheer--irrespective of the team they were rooting for--was "big deal." But then, it is a big deal. Alvin had not missed a game. For more than five hundred games, he was there, consecutively. Talk about dedication, passion, service and health. Above all, health.

Statistics may really mean something. Fifteen thousand and one little joys piled up together. Fifteen thousand and one little efforts. All done in little moments of every little game, spanning years. All amounting to a monumental feat.

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