There is a certain comfort found in cyberspace. It has something to do with the anonymity and privacy that serves the dweller.

It is so much easier to disclose facts, or on the other hand, fictionalize matters when your face is not seen and your identity, concealed.

The human eye--the human glance, squint, hard look and looking away, serve a thousand words. One kind of look can say it all, that you may just want to run and hide, turn your back. A look can make you small, even invisible if the beholder wishes to. The cyberspace does not have this sensual trigger.

And so the cyberspace is really a melancholy place. I've been trading emails, engaging actively in stimulating fora, and while it keeps me in touch with other human beings and souls, I still feel a cut in my heart, for there is nothing more pleasurable than being with a person upfront--the sense and sensuality of company. Not just hearing voice and breath, but feeling the weight of a gasp. Nothing beats holding hands and of course, seeing, eye to eye.

Cyberspace did not just come out of the blue. Like anything else invented and birthed, it is a necessity. This very writing cannot exist if not for cyberspace. A conventional diary, or a notebook is too careless especially for someone who wants their thoughts kept secret. An online journal makes you public and private at the same time.

All of us are voyeurs and exhibitionists in our own ways. That is why we need friends and a real company that would serve us generous eyes. Generous to tell us what we wanted to hear as well as the harsh truth. Generous enough to keep quiet and save us humiliation and pain for the moment until the right time comes when we are ready to know stirring facts. Generous enough to see more than we see. Generosity is the virtue of the wise.

Cyberspace is the most accomodating place in this world. In fact it is a world on its own. Yet it is not as warm. Though one thing is certain, you can difinitely grow in this place. You can definitely plant yourself into it and nurture it from there.

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